EAMBA  Lidmaatschap

EAMBA staat voor 'European Associations of Mindfulness based Approaches' en is de koepelorganisatie van de Europese mindfulness-verenigingen waarvan ook vzw MOMENT lid is http://eamba.net

In augustus 2018 werd formeel de vereniging EAMBA onder Nederlands recht geïnstalleerd en werd een bestuur gekozen:

Lot Heijke (Nederland) - voorzitter

Mirka Białobrzeska  (Polen) - secretaris

Katharina Müllen (België) - penningmeester

Günter Hudasch (Duitsland) - lid

Jenny Ebermann (Zwitserland) - lid

Op dit moment zijn de volgende landen vertegenwoordigd:

Austria, Belgium (NL & FR), Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, 
Italy - Milano, Italy - Padova, Lithuania, Montenegro,
 Netherlands, Norway, Poland, 
Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK.

>> websites lokale verenigingen

 Jaarlijks organiseert EAMBA in de eerste dagen van het nieuwe jaar een retraite  om trainers, practitioners en onderzoekers uit heel Europa samen te brengen voor meditatie en kennismaking. 

De laatste EAMBA retraite was 2-7 januari 2020 in Duitsland.

Vanaf 2019 organiseert EAMBA in augustus een Mindfulness Festival voor trainers.

Aanstaande EAMBA Festival is op 27 augustus 2020 
in Istanbul.


The EAMBA network was founded in August 2010 to facilitate dialogue and collaboration between Institutions and bodies of teachers of MBSR and MBCT and other mindfulness based approaches across Europe.

The EAMBA network was established as an association with statutes in August 2018.


During the founding and following annual meetings, experiences and views were shared between the participating associations of the European members.

As associations in these different countries are all in different phases – from newly established to present for a number of years, and everything in between – EAMBA is a network in development, exploring its own mission and vision.


On one main principle there has been consensus from the start – and that is the principle that a personal mindfulness practice is underlying our work, and that personal experience is key to our teaching.


The European network is primarily concerned with mindfulness based approaches which are largely based on MBSR and MBCT. It is meant as a forum for support and exchange, and is guided by a belief that personal mindfulness meditation practice is fundamental to its application in clinical and psycho-social settings.

The EMBA General Assembly adopted a strategy document prepared by the board in August 2019, which is the base for annual operational plans being executed according to a budget approved by the EAMBA General Assembly. Main objectives are to support local teacher quality and visibility for mindfulness through the local mindfulness associations. The documents can be requested.