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'Pandemic & mindfulness practice - evidence of effects' met Katleen Van der Gucht.

Katleen Van der Gucht, Leuven Mindfulness Centre participated in an EAMBA-dialogue on 10 March 2021 regarding the effects of mindfulness practice to bear or to diminish suffering during the COVID-19 pandemic. She shared scientific evidence on this topic as known to her to date, you can read this here:

Can mindfulness be helpful in a pandemic
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Datum: Woesndag 10 maart 2021 (18:30h) (past event)

How effective is mindfulness practice during a pandemic? Other than particular journalists have written (see The Economist), we have at our disposal scientific evidence about why mindfulness practice can be helpful to bear or to diminish suffering during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Katleen Van der Gucht will share what is known so far and we shall exchange how we are benefitting from mindfulness practice during the ongoing crisis.

We explored, a.o.

  • what is known so far on the effectiveness of practice during a pandemic

  • how we are benefitting from mindfulness practice during the ongoing crisis

  • some questions for an inventory on understanding the impact of the practice during this pandemic

  • whether a common effort with researchers could interest EAMBA members. Based on the outcome, we'll explore what next steps could be taken ... or not.

GUEST: Katleen Van der Gucht is the lead researcher of the Leuven Mindfulness Centre, at the university of Leuven, Belgium. Katleen has a PhD in psychology and biology. After a career as researcher in biology at the university of Ghent, she has – for the last 15 years – dedicated her energy to researching the effects mindfulness. She is the co-founder of the KU Leuven Mindfulness Centre. As director of the LMC she makes it her priority to coach PhD candidates to achieve excellence as researchers. The LMC mission to inform society at large is translated by her into initiatives for webinars, co-created with mindfulness teachers who have anchors in the respective target groups. Coming to mindfulness practice due to her personal experience (of migraines), Katleen decided to devote her energy to understanding the underlying mechanisms for the effectiveness of mindfulness practice. She continues to practice and study mindfulness practice in an international context. During the 2020-EAMBA Festival Katleen offered an overview on mindfulness research with particular relevance for mindfulness teachers.

Link to register for (future) EAMBA Exchange Zoom events

For details, please mail directly to; in English or Dutch - whatever is your preference.

EAMBA EXCHANGE is a platform created by the 'European Associations for Mindfulness' to facilitate connections between local mindfulness associations, currently 27 associations in 24 European countries. As an EAMBA-member association, vzw MOMENT can now invite its individual members to participate in the interactions.

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