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Tara Brach: When Fear Holds You Back... Awaken the fearless heart

Fear can squeeze and diminish our life. It can hold us back from taking on new challenges, forming new relationships, and deepening intimacy in old ones.

So how can we free ourselves from the grip of fear? Together with my friends at NICABM, I've created a new program on transforming fear. In this unique course, I'll guide you through a mindfulness based approach to fear that leads to the freedom of a fearless heart. Here's a look at what I will cover:

  • Identifying Unconscious Coping Mechanisms that Reinforce Fear

  • Resourcing Strategies to Directly Calm your Nervous System

  • How to Transform Your Relationship with Fear

  • RAIN: A 4-Step Process to De-Condition the Trance of Fear

  • How to Loosen the Hold of Fear-Based Core Beliefs

  • Cultivating the Self-Compassion, Love and Belonging that Underlies a Fearless Heart

These mindfulness and compassion practices directly release deeply-rooted patterns of insecurity; transform limiting beliefs; and dissolve the trance of fear. Please join me, and discover how these trainings can free you from the fears and self-doubts that may be holding you back. More information right here. Sending you spring blessings, Tara

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