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Juni & augustus 2016: Mind & Life Europe

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European Neurophenomenology, Contemplative Neuroscience, and Embodied Cognition Network (ENCECON) first edition will be held from 6-10 June, 2016,

in France. The ENCECON initiative aims to support European scientists engaged in empirical and theoretical research on embodied cognition, contemplative neuroscience, and neurophenomenology.

The annual European Summer Research Institute (ESRI) of Mind & Life Europe is held for the third time at lake Chiemsee, Germany: August 22-28, 2016.

Theme: Contemplative Training: from Physiological Plasticity to Societal Changes.

Drawing on research in both the sciences and the humanities, including neuroscience, psychology, clinical psychology, anthropology, philosophy, religion, and contemplative studies.

Mind & Life Institute will host an International Symposium for Contemplative Studies (ISCS) from November 10-13, 2016, in San Diego.

The ISCS seeks to encourage and help shape a cohesive interdisciplinary field of contemplative studies in which basic and applied science, scholarship, education, the arts, and contemplative traditions collaboratively develop an integrated way of knowing

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