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Februari 2018 - Oktober 2019: The Mindful Course met Chris Cullen, Christina Feldman, John Peacock,

>> ALL information to be found in this PDF document.

The Mindfulness Course comprises of four stand-alone modules, which can be taken individually or booked together as a long course. The modules explore the foundations of mindfulness in Buddhist psychology and how these teachings inform contemporary mindfulness and continue to be a pathway to emotional and psychological healing and transformation.

The programme is recommended by both Exeter and Oxford universities as a significant contribution to the continuing professional development for mindfulness teachers.


• Contextualising Mindfulness – Christina Feldman & Akincano Weber, assisted by Yuka Nakamura

• The Existential Challenge –Chris Cullen & Christina Feldman

• The Big Picture – John Peacock & Akincano Weber

• Universal Empathy – Chris Cullen & Christina Feldman

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