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Mindfulness Initiative Belgium & Mindful Belgium continuing together

'Mindful Belgium' is an initiative of the

LMC - Leuven Mindfulness Centre in cooperation with vzw MOMENT and

arose from the intention to honour the mindfulness initiatives existing in Belgium,

to bring them into contact with each other

(or to join them) and to synergistically

reinforce each other.

We are grateful for the Inspiration found in the MINDFUL NATION UK initiative and the report on societal initiatives to encourage awareness and understanding.

In October 2018 the explorations have connected us to the 'Mindfulness Initiative Belgium' MiB.​

Our dialogue with the initiators Ilios Kotsou and Caroline Lesire - who are also the initiators of Émergences asbl - immediately resulted in the decision to combine forces and bridge the language diversity.

The MiB-website that was published in French in November 2018, meanwhile our cooperation has already resulted in a Dutch version with an upcoming German version by end-December 2018.


With the help of students from ULB Brussels we are now intensifying our search for mindfulness initiatives in Belgium.

The information will be compiled into a report to be offered to the Belgian Parlament.

You are warmly invited to bring mindfulness initiatives to our attention and stay close to the process leading up to the goal of a comprehensive report and follow-up action.

Your contribution is highly appreciated.

Thank you for getting in touch!

For further information please contact us at

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