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20 juni 2019 e.v. Mindfulness Supervisor training program.

Vzw MOMENT adviseert haar leden continue vorming en ontwikkeling.

Daarom maken we je attent op onderstaand internationaal training programma voor mindfulness supervisor.


Are you thinking of becoming a supervisor?

Or already supervising but looking for more background and skills?

Become a certified Mindfulness Supervisor with the new training program starting in 2019: an international program allowing to learn, practice and digest at ease.

All information to be found via this url.

With the growing relevance of quality and ongoing education of mindfulness professionals, supervision has become increasingly important in the field.

We strongly believe that as a Mindfulness supervisor, it is crucial to have a strong mindfulness practice, but to also have a solid background in supervision skills.

The Mindfulness Supervision training program is international and will be offered in English.

The initiators are four internationally operating seasoned mindfulness trainers and teachers: Maria van Balen. Lot Heijke. Günter Hudasch. Petra Meibert.

The Mindfulness Supervision training is a 1-year program consisting of 3 modules of four days each (Thursdays to Sundays) in 2019-2020. Dates: Module 1: 20-23 June, 2019 Module 2: 28 Nov - 1 Dec, 2019 Module 3: 14-17 May, 2020 Location: The Netherlands: De Zwanenhof is a centrally located venue that can easily be reached by public transport from Amsterdam.


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