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Workshop Saki Santorelli: 1-3 July 2020 ONLINE

In the Guest-House:

Meeting the Visitors Arriving at Our Doors in the Time of COVID-19

Online Workshop in English (more info under this link)


Voor het ANDERE event met Saki Santorelli

het KOSTELOZE WEBINAR op 12 juni 2020 vind je informatie onder deze link,

en het aanmeldingsformulier hier.

Alleen indien je bent aangemeld kun je deelnemen.


Description by Saki Santorelli

«Oh, dear friends, take heart….

Most of us never envisioned a world shaped by the emergence of COVID 19. An unforeseen arrival, this virus is an absolutely unwanted “guest.” And yet…Confronted with the fragility of life and a sudden halt in the familiar routines of our everyday lives, our gathering together is an affirmation of the dignity, power, and beauty of our human community.

Oh, dear friends, take heart….

We have choices: individually, we can muster the faith, grit, and grace to turn and meet the arriving guests of denial, fear, and depression. Collectively, we can turn and embrace one another. We can practice – as in making conscious and deliberate – our commitment to move from isolation to seclusion, loneliness to companionship, fragmentation to solidarity, darkness to luminosity, conceit to common humanity.

Oh, dear friends, take heart….

Our hearts are big enough to hold everything. This is our inheritance – the path of bravery, inseparability, and love that human beings across all contemplative traditions have walked for millennia. In the good company of one another, we’ll engage in meditation and awareness practices, poetry and story, silence and stillness, and listen to one another in spontaneous moments of conversation and inquiry as we band together in the light and life that is our essential nature.»

  • Welcome to everyone!

  • Necessity to be present for the entire workshop. Please, make sure to be available for the whole sessions.

Practical information
  • Dates :

  • Wednesday 1 July 2020: 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

  • Thursday 2 July 2020: 2:30 pm – 6:00 pm

  • Friday 3 July 2020: 2:30 pm – 6:00 pm

  • Format : online, through Zoom. 24 hours before the webinar, you will receive the link to access to the Zoom room.

  • Language : the seminar will be taught in English, with French consecutive translation.

  • For any question on Zoom, please look at the information on this page (in French), and in case of persisting difficulties, please check with the Zoom support on their website.

  • Registration to the seminar-retreat: 95€ excl. tax + 21% VAT tax = 114,95€ VAT incl. ATTENTION : people in Europe living outside of Belgium and who are subject to the intra-community TVA need to pay sessions fee without VAT , the VAT will need to be paid in their tax residence country.

  • Cancellation policy:

  • No reimbursement possible in case of cancellation on your part and this, for any reason.

To register
  • Fill in the online form here (form in French. Google-translate can be a useful support).

  • Pay the registration fee through bank transfer (bank information found in the registration form – print your screen to keep the info): 95€ excl. tax + 21% VAT = 114,95€ VAT incl.

  • Once your form and payment received, you will be registered (we are not in capacity to send an individual email. Please, keep the email sent by google following your registration, as well as the proof of your payment).

  • 24 hours before the webinar, you will receive by email a link to access to the Zoom room. If you did not receive it, check your spam box.

  • No registration will be taken into account without receiving the completed google form + the payment.

Technical aspects to access the visioconference room
  • You may find information on this page (in French), which includes the links to local phone numbers you can use to join the room by phone if needed.

  • We encourage you to use a computer, this is a wonderful opportunity to see each other. Please, make sure you have a camera and a mic.

  • Please, note that we are not able to offer any technical support, as we’re not technicians. The above page will guide you to all the online support. We strongly encourage you to test your connection already now, as well as to test your computer and your access to Zoom , so you can feel at ease once the webinar will start.

Needed material
  • Stable internet connection

  • if you would like to check the speed of your internet connection, you may chick this site or this other site, the requested speed to use Zoom is 1,2 à 1,5 Mb/s for a good quality (check details here). If you notice a slow connection, you might want to disconnect your video camera.

  • an ethernet cable between you modem and your computer will offer a more stable and powerful connection than the wifi. If you use an ethernet cable, make sure to disconnect the wifi on your computer.

  • Computer (or iPad or similar – functionalities are limited compared to a computer)

  • make sure that your computer is connected to the power supply to avoid to run out of battery during the session.

  • Camera

  • make sure that you are sitting in front of your capera. It would be great if you could keep it on during sessions.

  • please check the light so we can see you.

  • Mic

  • having headphones with a mic will help you to hear well and will help us to hear you well.

  • Download Zoom on your computer: it’s free.

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