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Maandag 22 Maart 2021: ' Undertaking the training of non-harming' met Gwénola Herbette (België)

Undertaking the training of non-harming: a continuing task for mindfulness-based program teachers

We need to feel safe and welcome to be in capacity to learn. How do we create a safe environment in our mindfulness-based programs? This is a huge topic which invites us, as teachers, to reflect on again and again. DATE: Monday 22/03/2021 17:00h-18:30h. (Zoom link onderaan deze tekst) This covers several aspects, among which:

  • is it a good time to take the program? Is the process of informed consent met?

  • how much do we see people’s individuality in our groups and welcome them, being sensitive to diversity and to trauma?

  • to what extent do we trust and honor the self-sovereignty of each person while setting up guidelines?

  • as teachers and human beings, how do we meet the suffering in ourselves and others, with openness, kindness and groundedness?

Based on the richness of our experiences, we’ll explore these facets in an interactive format and be together to inquire, to listen and to learn from each other.

Gwénola Herbette is a PhDof psychology and psychotherapist, she has been teaching mindfulness for almost 15 years. In Belgium, she founded the 'Institut Pleine Conscience' which offers mindfulness programs, MBSR instructor training and continuing education, as well as silent retreats with teachers from Europe and North America. Gwénola is certified by UMass, the University of Massachusetts, USA to teach the MBSR program, to train and to supervise instructors. Touched by the founding teachings, she continues to study at Bodhi College. She collaborates among others with UCLouvain University, University of California San Diego (UCSD), and Bangor University in Wales.

EAMBA EXCHANGE is a platform created by the 'European Associations for Mindfulness' to facilitate connections between local mindfulness associations, currently 27 associations in 24 European countries.

As an EAMBA-member association, vzw MOMENT can now invite its individual members to participate in the interactions. ZOOM - Monday 22/03/2021 17:00h-18:30h Please connect via:

Meeting ID: 968 4589 4893

Passcode: 724797

Find your local number:

Link to register for (future) EAMBA Exchange Zoom events

For details, please mail directly to; in English or Dutch - whatever is your preference.

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