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Maandag 17 mei 2021: 'Working with the MBI:TAC' Follow-up naar aanleiding van live meeting op 5 mei

A dialogue about the use of the MBI:TAC for Peer Reflection Groups following up on the live meeting with Rebecca Crane on May 5th, 2021.

You can prepare by

> listening to the recording made on 5 May

> listening to David Treleaven's podcast

with Rebecca Crane speaking on mindfulness-based teaching competence.

> watching the video: Rebecca Crane explains the MBI:TAC and its research.

> studying recent papers on using the MBI:TAC in supervision and training

Publications | Mindfulness Teaching Skills | Bangor University. All also to be found on the page of

ZOOM - Wednesday 17/05/2021 17:00h-18:00h Please register to receive the login: EAMBA Exchange Zoom events

Rebecca Crane is the founding director of the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice of the Bangor University, UK. Mark Williams founded the centre following the delivery of the first trial of MBCT at Bangor university. She is currently the director of this centre, researcher and international lecturer on educational programs for mindfulness-based teachers. She was there from the start of the development of MBCT. She is the writer of ‘Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy’ (Routledge, 2017). She initiated and led the development and research of the tool, now known as the MBI-TAC, that was collaboratively developed by teaching teams within theCentre for Mindfulness Research and Practiceat Bangor University, the Oxford Mindfulness Centreat Oxford University, and CEDARat Exeter University. It was first published in 2012 andhas been developed iteratively since then. Development is still in progress informed by practice and research.

EAMBA EXCHANGE is a platform created by the 'European Associations for Mindfulness' to facilitate connections between local mindfulness associations, currently 27 associations in 24 European countries.

As an EAMBA-member association, vzw MOMENT can now invite its individual members to participate in the interactions. ZOOM - Wednesday 17/05/2021 17:00h-18:00h Please register to receive the login for Zoom: EAMBA Exchange Zoom events

For details, please mail directly to; in English or Dutch - whatever is your preference.

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