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EAMBA-EXCHANGE: connecting mindfulness teachers all over Europe

EAMBA EXCHANGE is a platform created by the 'European Associations for Mindfulness' to facilitate connections between local mindfulness associations, currently 27 associations in 24 European countries.

As an EAMBA-member association, vzw MOMENT can now invite its individual members to participate in the interactions.

Why is vzw MOMENT a member of EAMBA? See the benefits for you as a member of MOMENT vzw. If you are a member of vzw MOMENT you will receive the monthly login to access the Zoom meetings, of eamba-EXCHANGE, this benefit is exclusive for members of associations which are EAMBA-member.

The plenary exchange is in English. See dates & topics below.

OBJECTIVES are to create an open space for colleagues to meet and support each other. We wish to craft an engaged community together that is relevant and beneficial to all participants, especially: - to provide means and opportunities for convenient direct exchange between members (& intervision)

- to facilitate access to each other, and

- to immediately facilitate help in case of urgent issues

Topics are chosen to address items that are considered relevant for the longer term or urgent in the shorter term. Thus, fundamental topics, while also solving demanding issues in times of crisis.


Frequency: twice a month on Mondays & Wednesdays (5:00pm-6:00pm / 6:30pm)

Mon 22/02/2021 (5pm-6pm30) "Undertaking the training of non-harming: a continuing task for mindfulness-based program teachers" with Gwénola Herbette

Wed 10/03/2021 "How we as a community can provide data and collaborate with researchers to diminish mental suffering as a result of COVID-19"

Mon 22/03/2021 Hoe kunnen wij als gemeenschap data verzamelen en samenwerken met onderzoekers om de mentale gevolgen van COVID-19 te verminderen"

Wed 07/04/2021 "PR strategies and formats for our local associations and members. Disseminating the value of evidence based mindfulness to the wider public"

Mon 19/04/2021 "PR strategie en voorbeelden voor locale vereniging en hun leden voor de verspreiding van informatie over wetenschappelijk onderbouwde mindfulness naar een breder publiek."

Wed 05/05/2021 "Introduction to working with the MBI-TAC" with Rebecca Crane

Mon 17/05/2021 "Introductie om te werken met de MBI-TAC" / Rebecca Crane opname van 5 mei

Wed 02/06/2021 "Comparing different MBP curricula"

Mon 14/06/2021 "Vergelijking van verscheidene MBP curricula"

For details, please mail directly to exchange@eamba.net; in English or Dutch - whatever is your preference.

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