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Geannuleerd i.v.m. Pandemie Zondag 02 Mei 2021: Mindful Walk

Dit event is tot nader orde uitgesteld in verband met de aanhoudende pandemie.

Register for LIVE event via moment@mindfulmoment.be and receive all practical info

Sunday 02 May 2021 cancelled

Live event : Mindful walk guided by Didier Anthonis

Date: 02 May 2021

Timing: 10:00am - 12:00pm -1200

Location: Brussels, Ter Kamerenbos

Number of person: depending on covid-19 restrictions

Goal: Meet each other live

Programme: Welcome Mindful walk Closing with tea and sharing experiences (Chalet Robinson)

Registration: e-mail to: moment@mindfulmoment.be

When registered you shall receive practical information by e-mail.

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